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Our Last Session with Paul!

Tuesday was a very hard day for all of us in Calypso class!

We had to say goodbye to a very dear friend, Paul. We started our day by playing Split, Splat. The students have started to love this one and we try and play when we can. We then listened to the end of our story and the kids finally found out how the story ended!

The students then wrote each letter of the alphabet in their writing books. Paul challenged the students to write a word, for each letter, describing the story. Students then drew a detailed drawing of their letter and shared them with the class.

We really enjoyed our last session with Paul and Tuesday’s will definitely be drab without him!


– Calypso Class


Calypso Alphabet


Great Wordmakers amazing ending

Wow Calypso Class,  that was some end to the story, I can’t believe that after 20 years of travelling there was still a massively difficult situation (and battle) for our hero to face!

Claypso class, I loved the way on our last session that you captured the entire journey with flashcard words, They looked awesome at the end all being held up – can’t wait to see the pictures of you making the story with your colourful words.

Well done both schools   you have been brilliant to work with, great word-making all around, both classes are officially Poetry Heroes – all you need is a ship, some storms and the gods to mess you about

Keep making great poems and stories and bringing them to life

Paul Lyalls (2013/2014 Poet for Roald Dahl)

Oydessues’s Journey Poem (so far)

Calypso class wrote short poems that  told parts of the the great story.  Here is a group poem made up from all the poems.

He is brave and strong

Goes away on a journey

Builds a big wooden horse

Wins the war enemy defeated

They end up on sandy shores

Far away on distant shores

A monsters eye is poked

Meets a beautiful  wicked witch

They get turned into pigs

Meets gods on his adventure

And all kinds of people

They hear voices singing beautifully

I want to hear it

The sailors block their ears

Meet great big scary monsters

A six headed dragon attacks

Go to a Special Land

Meets some very powerful women

He’s on an amazing journey

All his crew are dead!



By Calypso Class



Movie Poems – December 3, 2013

Today we started with a game, that was new to us, called Seven-Up. We then went to our tables and we wrote down our favourite film. We then used these films to create poems. Our poems could not have any words from the title, or any of the character names. It was really fun, and tough. Some students read their poems in front of the class. We finished the day by playing heads/tails. The session with Paul was great!


Calypso Year 3

The Whirlpool

Willow class pretended that they were two of Odysseus’ crew heading for the whirlpool.  One of them wanted to go past it whilst the other wanted to turn back.  They debated their points.


IMG_1007 IMG_1010 IMG_1009


What would you have done Calypso class?


Once past the whirlpool, Odysseus and his crew came face-to-face with this scary six-headed monster!


Washed up and all alone!

Willow class heard how Odysseus had been washed up on the beach.  His boat and crew were nowhere to be seen.

They pretended that they were Odysseus and acted out how they would have reacted if they were washed up

alone on a beach.

Check out some of their reactions.



IMG_1038 IMG_1042 IMG_1040


Drips Of Nowhere

Calypso Class listened to Odysseus tell his stories in the palace of King Alcinous. They heard how his fun descriptions of the places he’d been brought the story alive.  Calypso Class set sail for the school playground and hunted for for fun similes & metaphors to change it into an extraordinary place.  Everybody wrote poems, here is a taste of their work in a group poem.


Blue shapes on the ground like fallen pieces of sky

A maze stuck in nowhere.

The slide is a silver as a sword

The climbing frame is a dragons skeleton

The ground is a turtles back.

Hop-Scotch grids come together like a helicopter blade.

Tables are nasty spiders,

Footballs cones are rockets shooting ice-cream.

The clock is a magic spinning wheel

Climbing ropes are blue spider webs waiting to trap you.

The silver tunnel is a giant shining medal

The drinking fountain is a silver waterfall

Blue circles are drips of oceans.


Odysseus remembers his adventures

Today Willow class reached the end of hearing and acting out Odysseus’ story. They then imagined they were Odysseus, looking back at his adventures and remembering some of the things that had happened to him. They each wrote six lines to remember these moments. In three groups they then worked together to put their different ideas into one poem. Here are the three poems that they created.

I remember

I remember my crew opened the bag of winds

I felt angry when my crew opened the bag.

I remember when they gave the Cyclops a potion and it made him blind

I learnt not to eat cows

I remember the really big whirlpool

I remember when we made the wooden  horse and a few men won the war for us.

I felt sad when all of my crew were dead

I heard the strong, crashing  thunder hit the boat

I remember the Scylla the six headed monster ate six people

I saw when the lightening was striking

I heard the sound of the beautiful sirens

I saw the Cyclops scary  one  eye

I remember when some of my crew got turned into pigs

I felt very scared when me and my crew went through the whirlpool

I felt scared when my crew died

I remember when I was the only one alive

I saw the whooshing whirlpool

I heard the whirlpool gushing

I learnt not to go for twenty years

I saw my son for the very first time

That’s the way I remember it went

Odysseus’ memoirs

I remember when we built the wooden horse and attacked the city of Troy.

I saw the whirlpool and it was scary.

I heard the sound of the Sirens.

I heard their beautiful song.

I felt really scared about leaving the crew.

I learnt that only I could fire my bow and arrows.

I remember when the cyclops went blind because of the magical wine.

I heard the whooshing whirlpool.

I saw the whirlpool in between the rocks.

I felt confident as we sailed through the two cliffs and past the whirlpool.

I learnt not to eat Helios’ cows.

I remember the bag of winds and when my stupid crew member opened the bag and all of the winds formed a ginormous storm.

I saw my son and Penelope after 20 years.

I learnt to always be alert.

I remember how I shot the arrow through the 12 axes.

I remember how I shot the arrow through 12 axes.


By Ayana, Esme, Rosa, Zain, Benjamin, Louis, Cooper, Tom, Keir, Leo

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