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Calypso Class sailed with new crew mate Paul the Poet, They followed Odysseus’s Ship through the terrible Channel.  Their biggest threat was the Sirens, enchanting half women – half sea maids with magical songs and eyes that made sailors crash their ships onto the jagged rocks, to be closer to them.  Calypso class blocked out the Sirens magic by making a pact to give 20 minutes of total silence and concentrating on what was special to them.  Here are some of their special thoughts in a group poem that tells us  a lot about Calypso Class.

I am a girl who loves to study Algebra

I am growing each day, small to big

I hope to be a famous writer

I try to fly

I dream to be the best defender in football training

I dream to be a Princess

I am looking after my baby cousin

I like playing with my cat

I pretend I am a cat

I pretend I’m in Star Wars

I dream about falling into puddles

I pretend to fly like a superhero

I pretend to be Ravel Morrison

I pretend to be my sister when she comes into my room before yelling ‘get out’!

I wonder who I am going to be when I grow up

I dream to be David Beckham

I dream I am an Avatar

I dream I am a footballer

I hope we fix my cousins car

I pretend to be Jessie from the Disney Channel

I pretend to be Queen Victoria

I remember being on a ship that sunk when I was little

I try always to be a good Muslin

I pretend to be Gingka

I try to be a footballer

I dream I had wings and could fly

I am playing a computer game

I am a girl who loves to study Algebra