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Calypso Class shared Odysseus’s adventure and dramatic events that happened as the crew hit a massive storm and the gods and goddesses played their part.

Calypso class wrote poems that told parts of the journey. The below Calypso Class poem is about how the events must have felt to Odysseus.


Night, the moon comes out.

Stars light up, twinkle, make a wish.

The waves are big, the sea goes on forever.

noisily splashing, waves jumping out of the water

fish swimming in the sun, flapping about side to side.

The storms cracks, makes loud noises.

blowing wind full of power, the cold blows you away.

clouds of white and grey making funny shapes.

Thunder freaking out the people.

Waves overlap each other, falling pretty shells

Family give us shelter

The journey has a start and an end

Goes to different places,

Tomorrow comes the next day

Or does it?