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Calypso Class listened to Odysseus tell his stories in the palace of King Alcinous. They heard how his fun descriptions of the places he’d been brought the story alive.  Calypso Class set sail for the school playground and hunted for for fun similes & metaphors to change it into an extraordinary place.  Everybody wrote poems, here is a taste of their work in a group poem.


Blue shapes on the ground like fallen pieces of sky

A maze stuck in nowhere.

The slide is a silver as a sword

The climbing frame is a dragons skeleton

The ground is a turtles back.

Hop-Scotch grids come together like a helicopter blade.

Tables are nasty spiders,

Footballs cones are rockets shooting ice-cream.

The clock is a magic spinning wheel

Climbing ropes are blue spider webs waiting to trap you.

The silver tunnel is a giant shining medal

The drinking fountain is a silver waterfall

Blue circles are drips of oceans.