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I saw the cliffs in the distance. On the boat they were really big.

I heard the wishing of the whirlpool.

I learnt that on adventures like this you need to stay alert.

I  heard the annoying sound of the sea.

I felt very sad.

I remember the lightning striking my boat. It was scary, very scary.

I remember when Zeus killed my crew.

I felt sad when they died.

I learnt not to eat cows from precious owners.

I heard the sirens singing.

I saw a six-headed monster.

I heard the sounds of the boat, creaking and bashing against the waves.

I heard the stamping of the suitors.

I remember when I returned home and I heard the birds singing.

I felt so sad because my crew is dead

I learnt not to go away for another twenty years.

By Sienna, Arthur, Dorothy, Naa, Marnie, Laide, Sophia, Angel, Keona  the end