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I remember my crew opened the bag of winds

I felt angry when my crew opened the bag.

I remember when they gave the Cyclops a potion and it made him blind

I learnt not to eat cows

I remember the really big whirlpool

I remember when we made the wooden  horse and a few men won the war for us.

I felt sad when all of my crew were dead

I heard the strong, crashing  thunder hit the boat

I remember the Scylla the six headed monster ate six people

I saw when the lightening was striking

I heard the sound of the beautiful sirens

I saw the Cyclops scary  one  eye

I remember when some of my crew got turned into pigs

I felt very scared when me and my crew went through the whirlpool

I felt scared when my crew died

I remember when I was the only one alive

I saw the whooshing whirlpool

I heard the whirlpool gushing

I learnt not to go for twenty years

I saw my son for the very first time

That’s the way I remember it went