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I remember when we built the wooden horse and attacked the city of Troy.

I saw the whirlpool and it was scary.

I heard the sound of the Sirens.

I heard their beautiful song.

I felt really scared about leaving the crew.

I learnt that only I could fire my bow and arrows.

I remember when the cyclops went blind because of the magical wine.

I heard the whooshing whirlpool.

I saw the whirlpool in between the rocks.

I felt confident as we sailed through the two cliffs and past the whirlpool.

I learnt not to eat Helios’ cows.

I remember the bag of winds and when my stupid crew member opened the bag and all of the winds formed a ginormous storm.

I saw my son and Penelope after 20 years.

I learnt to always be alert.

I remember how I shot the arrow through the 12 axes.

I remember how I shot the arrow through 12 axes.


By Ayana, Esme, Rosa, Zain, Benjamin, Louis, Cooper, Tom, Keir, Leo