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Our Last Session with Paul!

Tuesday was a very hard day for all of us in Calypso class!

We had to say goodbye to a very dear friend, Paul. We started our day by playing Split, Splat. The students have started to love this one and we try and play when we can. We then listened to the end of our story and the kids finally found out how the story ended!

The students then wrote each letter of the alphabet in their writing books. Paul challenged the students to write a word, for each letter, describing the story. Students then drew a detailed drawing of their letter and shared them with the class.

We really enjoyed our last session with Paul and Tuesday’s will definitely be drab without him!


– Calypso Class


Calypso Alphabet


Movie Poems – December 3, 2013

Today we started with a game, that was new to us, called Seven-Up. We then went to our tables and we wrote down our favourite film. We then used these films to create poems. Our poems could not have any words from the title, or any of the character names. It was really fun, and tough. Some students read their poems in front of the class. We finished the day by playing heads/tails. The session with Paul was great!


Calypso Year 3

Second Lesson with Paul the Poet – Poetry Exploration

We started off the day by playing “split, splat”. It was such a fun new game and we all had great laughs. We then wrote “TTW” (take this word) poems, which meant that we had to describe a word we were given, without using the word itself. One student, Omar, had us guessing for almost 5 minutes! George wrote a heartfelt poem about his parents, and Paul finished the day off by compiling some of our work and reading it altogether.

We had such a good day with Paul and can’t wait until he`s back next week!


Calypso Year 3 Class