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Our Last Session with Lucy


Today was Calypso Class`s last session with Lucy. We had so much fun acting and playing a game. Afterwards, we went on the laptops and left comments on the other class`s blog post. We had so much fun today and will miss Lucy!

We are very excited to meet Paul after mid-term break!


Calypso Class

Odysseus’ thoughts and feelings pictures….

Today Calypso Class went on an adventure with Odysseus to the cave of the Cyclops! They acted out the story, playing all the different parts from Odysseus to the sheep the Cyclops keeps in his cave.

They also drew some pictures of Odysseus. Inside his body they wrote down how he would be feeling when he saw the Cyclops (a one-eyed giant!). They also made a thought bubble to show what he was thinking, and a speech bubble to imagine what he said to his crew when he had the idea to poke the Cyclops in the eye.

Here are some pictures of their brilliant pictures and words:

DSC00018 DSC00019 DSC00021 DSC00026 DSC00028 DSC00030 DSC00031 DSC00033 DSC00034

Odysseus writes home…

This was really written by Calypso class. The class imagined they were Odysseus writing home. The class dictated what they thought Odysseus would write, and Lucy typed the words.

My Dearest child and wife

You know I have now been on my adventure for a decade. I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you  but I forgot my ink and paper to write you a letter. I left because I had to go to a battle. The adventure has been brilliant. I should  have come back home earlier but I needed to stay and fight the war for victory and gold.

Now I’m going to tell you about the adventure. We saw Trojans standing at the gate. The guards thought they had won but we tricked them. We went inside the city and we came out of the horse before they could get their weapons and wake up. we tricked them by making the wooden horse. They thought we made it for a present for Helen. But we got out of the horse and took our weapons and won the war.

We took the food that was left over from the party so now we’ve had a good meal. We are coming back with lots of gold to enjoy.

Please can you get a roast ready I’m coming home soon. If you give me a roast dinner I will give you the gold I found on my adventure.

So long, farewell.

Yours Sincerely,



Advice from Calypso Class to Odysseus

Advice from Calypso Class to Odysseus

1. Always have fun on your adventures.

2. Look for things and see if you can find an island.

3. Find a map to find your island and then you’ll find your treasure.

4. Be careful of the gigantic tornados when there are storms with great thick clouds.

5. Be careful of a humoungous whirlpool.

Here is Odysseus listening to the advice:

Odysseus pic