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The Whirlpool

Willow class pretended that they were two of Odysseus’ crew heading for the whirlpool.  One of them wanted to go past it whilst the other wanted to turn back.  They debated their points.


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What would you have done Calypso class?


Once past the whirlpool, Odysseus and his crew came face-to-face with this scary six-headed monster!


Washed up and all alone!

Willow class heard how Odysseus had been washed up on the beach.  His boat and crew were nowhere to be seen.

They pretended that they were Odysseus and acted out how they would have reacted if they were washed up

alone on a beach.

Check out some of their reactions.



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I remember

I remember my crew opened the bag of winds

I felt angry when my crew opened the bag.

I remember when they gave the Cyclops a potion and it made him blind

I learnt not to eat cows

I remember the really big whirlpool

I remember when we made the wooden  horse and a few men won the war for us.

I felt sad when all of my crew were dead

I heard the strong, crashing  thunder hit the boat

I remember the Scylla the six headed monster ate six people

I saw when the lightening was striking

I heard the sound of the beautiful sirens

I saw the Cyclops scary  one  eye

I remember when some of my crew got turned into pigs

I felt very scared when me and my crew went through the whirlpool

I felt scared when my crew died

I remember when I was the only one alive

I saw the whooshing whirlpool

I heard the whirlpool gushing

I learnt not to go for twenty years

I saw my son for the very first time

That’s the way I remember it went

Odysseus’ memoirs

I remember when we built the wooden horse and attacked the city of Troy.

I saw the whirlpool and it was scary.

I heard the sound of the Sirens.

I heard their beautiful song.

I felt really scared about leaving the crew.

I learnt that only I could fire my bow and arrows.

I remember when the cyclops went blind because of the magical wine.

I heard the whooshing whirlpool.

I saw the whirlpool in between the rocks.

I felt confident as we sailed through the two cliffs and past the whirlpool.

I learnt not to eat Helios’ cows.

I remember the bag of winds and when my stupid crew member opened the bag and all of the winds formed a ginormous storm.

I saw my son and Penelope after 20 years.

I learnt to always be alert.

I remember how I shot the arrow through the 12 axes.

I remember how I shot the arrow through 12 axes.


By Ayana, Esme, Rosa, Zain, Benjamin, Louis, Cooper, Tom, Keir, Leo

I remember all about me

I saw the cliffs in the distance. On the boat they were really big.

I heard the wishing of the whirlpool.

I learnt that on adventures like this you need to stay alert.

I  heard the annoying sound of the sea.

I felt very sad.

I remember the lightning striking my boat. It was scary, very scary.

I remember when Zeus killed my crew.

I felt sad when they died.

I learnt not to eat cows from precious owners.

I heard the sirens singing.

I saw a six-headed monster.

I heard the sounds of the boat, creaking and bashing against the waves.

I heard the stamping of the suitors.

I remember when I returned home and I heard the birds singing.

I felt so sad because my crew is dead

I learnt not to go away for another twenty years.

By Sienna, Arthur, Dorothy, Naa, Marnie, Laide, Sophia, Angel, Keona  the end