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Odysseus remembers his adventures

Today Willow class reached the end of hearing and acting out Odysseus’ story. They then imagined they were Odysseus, looking back at his adventures and remembering some of the things that had happened to him. They each wrote six lines to remember these moments. In three groups they then worked together to put their different ideas into one poem. Here are the three poems that they created.

Willow Class report for The Zeus Times

Below are some great reports written by Willow Class for The Zeus Times.

The class imagined that they were a reporter interviewing Odysseus, just after his adventure sailing past the Sirens’ island.

Coming soon – Willow Class singing their Siren songs competing on Siren Factor; like X-Factor but for Sirens!

Wondering what a Siren is? Well a Siren is a sea nymph who sings beautiful songs that lure sailors and their ships towards the shore. But beware, they are dangerous! The songs are so enchanting the sailors crash their ships onto the rocks and are shipwrecked!

Advice to Odysseus from Calypso class

1. Always have fun on your adventures.

2. Look for things and see if you can find an island.

3. Find a map to find your island and then you’ll find your treasure.

4. Be careful of the gigantic tornados when there are storms with great thick clouds.

5. Be careful of a humoungous whirlpool.


The Adventure begins!!!

Today the Year 3 Class at Gallions Primary school will set sail on an adventure to explore The Odyssey; the great story of Odysseus on his adventure home from Troy after the ten-year war. I am very excited to start working with them to explore this ancient story. We shall report about our first adventure here on the blog a little later.