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What if…

The ocean’s water was a yummy, chocolate brown

What if the sea was chocolate?

You could eat it all

Get on an aeroplane and connect all the stores to it

You could have a giant party there.

You could have endless buckets and buckets.

I would drink as much as I can drink of it

I would fish for all the chocolate fish

I would freeze it to make a giant chocolate bar.

You could dive in and eat the bottom

I would dip sea cucumber in it.

There would be a giant slide.

You would never close your mouth

All the sand and pebbles are chocolate

A chocolate whale lives there.

Caramel and cake rocks are on the beach.

What if sea creatures were chocolate monsters?


By Rosa, Naa, Sion, Laide, Tycho, Sienna and Leo

What if…

Sleeping on colours, playing in the trees

If we slept on a rainbow

We could use a train to glide along the rainbow

We could have the best dreams ever

And use a jet pack to go to work

And a rope and hook to get lifts from aeroplanes.

We could use the rainbow as a slide

The gold at the end of the rainbow would but us food

And when we wake up we’ll go to the rainbow park.

If we slept on a rainbow

We would use it as a snuggly duvet,

And climb up to the rainbow on a rope.

And jump down onto trees

When playing hide and seek.

And imagine the rainbow party!


By Phoenix, Cooper, Kai, Benjamin, Keir, Arthur and Isabella

What if…

Human Pages

If people were books:

They would read each other

People would be different types of books

Your personality would be Bible or dictionary, picture books, fact books, thesaurus

You could look up information in your friends

If you got lost you would ask somebody who was a map

In different countries people would be different language books

We’d be born in libraries

Little children would be colouring books, teenagers-comic books, grown ups – chapter books, over 50s – non fiction

You’d live on book shelves

You’d always have something to read

Because you could read yourself.


By Harry, Tom, Esme, Ayana, Sophia, Dotty and Keona.

What if:

Gallions, tell us what you think of our poems.


We discussed how Odysseus and his army had many adventures and met mythical creatures.  We then worked in groups to write ‘What if’ poems where we imagined if we lived in another world.


Living in the programmes


If you could teleport into the T.V:

We could walk in to different channels

The world might be made of chocolate

You could race in to a Star Wars film

Everyone could be on T.V.

Everyone could be made of bubble gum

You could do what you wanted

You could meet people from Ninjago

Become a character from a film

Become a million different people

You could become older and get you ears pierced

Why not fly in a sweetie around the channels

Or become famous?

If you could teleport into the T.V

Find the best hiding place in the world


Written by; Sam, Zain, Louis, Mia, Nezzy, Angel and Marnie



The Trojan Horse

Willow class heard how the Greek army defeated the Trojans. They then worked in groups and had loads of fun becoming

Willow class were unsure of how to become the horse but managed to find a way.

Willow class were unsure of how to become the horse but managed to find a way.

IMG_0723 the horse.