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The crazy crew adventure

Today Willow Class went on an adventure with Odysseus where he met Scylla the 6-headed monster and escaped a whirlpool. They also acted out¬† adventures from their own lives. We then decided to make up, as a class, a new adventure for Odysseus and his crew to go on. All the words come from Willow class and Lucy did the typing….

Odysseus was sailing next to a big giant five headed monster. The monster struck fireballs at him and he fell into the sea with his crew. Just at that moment a whale came thundering past. Odysseus was swimming and trying to get back onto the ship and at the bottom of the ship he found a green jewel stuck to the bottom of the wood. Then there was a storm and the ship was moving around and around and there was a whirlpool which sucked them down into the sea. The whale helped them. It swam under them and used its spout to push them up. They pushed him up into some dry land. Suddenly he noticed that there’s a big cliff on the island. He tried to climb up the cliff but he falls off and breaks his arm. With his other arm he takes the green jewel and puts it up to the sun. The sun breaks the whole universe and the only place left is the sun so he has to walk on the sun but he burns his feet. After he went to the sun he ¬†found a space ship because somebody else wanted to go there. When he found the spaceship he went to a different dimension. There he saw a volcano erupting and he went near it to see if it was fake and because he knew it was real he went back in his spaceship. Then suddenly his spaceship got really big, bigger than the boat so he decided to put the boat in the spaceship with him and then he flew all the way back to the sun and walked on the sun and got his jewel and put it on the sun and then the universe came back. He found another jewel and dropped it in the sea and then the jewel made him fly back to his house. He dropped the jewel in the water again and he flies to the hospital to fix his arm then he flew to his home again. When he got home he wrote down all the adventures that he had had. He looked out his bedroom window and saw a magical firebird and said ‘I had a very crazy adventure’. He kissed his wife goodnight. The end.

By Willow Class